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MyFace Book Performance: WATERSTONES

MyFace Bookreleased in March 2014, had its launch in Waterstones Brussels in April 2014. After the launch there took place an AuthorReader Performance in English and several other languages that take place in the book. Thomas Alkins, one of he English transparents of MyFace Book took place at the performance. Nestor, the French transparent was also among the authoreaders.

Here is a ReaderAuthor Performance that could/would remind this AuthorReader Performance:

Let Bookperformance expand your mind visually!


Here are some ReaderAuthor Notes that reached through facebook: 

"J'adore ton livre Cigdem!.. C'est un peu difficile en Anglais, mais grace a ton performance, j'ai bien compris comment il fonctionne. " Carlo, 15.04.2014

"Hi, I was at your performance in Waterstones, do you remember me? I liked how nicely you invited people in your book. That was very suprising for me. Also thought your texts are written to live. Happy to find bookperformance. I just rode The Possible and Impossible Things now. Very funny :) " Loubna, 15.04.2014

"hey Cigdem. Your book is amazing. at last i witnessed an authorreader performance. what I liked about it: you have no ego. fair-share like you mentioned. i wish you good luck for your books." Martin, 14.04.2014


Here is the invitation that kind of reflected the textual and visual content of the turning scenes of MyFace Book Performance:

Brussels, BE - 13 Apr 2014
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