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MyFace Book Performance: THEATRE DE LA VIE

MyFace Book Performance, has been several times hosted by Théâtre de la Vie Spoken Word events, both when it was only in Turkish, as Yüzüm Kitap (2012),  and after it was released in English as well. The performances involved the participartion of the public, which included MyFace Book readers or/and transparents as well, so it turned out to be an AuthorReader Performance that appears text-ually with the author on the stage and act-ually takes the reader who is either on the stage or not so that the stage happens to disappear between the reader and the author. The performances took place in Turkish, English and French.

Brussels, BE - 13 Jan 2014
Tags: Cigdem y Mirol, MyFace Book, Bookperformance, Theatre de la Vie, Brussels