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MyFace Book Performance: REIMS International POETRY FESTIVAL

Bookperformance, as a concept praising the written and the spoken word at the same time in diverse dynamics, was invited to Reims International Poetry Festival. Festival took 4 days. There took place several performances open-public in which  MyFace Book  performance happened in Turkish, French and English; and a few workshops at the schools where I shared the values in stated in Bookperformance Manifesto with the youngesters. It was a rather interesting both for me and for the receivers/readers/audience.


Here are some ReaderAuthor Notes that reached through facebook:    

"Cigdem and bookperformance! It was a pleasure to witness her humor in Turkish and in French." Brice, 10.12.2013

"J'aime beucoup ton text de temoignage!: 'Those who know me very well / Would as well know very well / That I am not very well :)'" Elise, 12.12.2013

Reims, FR - 07 Dec 2013
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