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"Sound & Body OF Eye & I : bookperformance"

Title:                  Sound and Body of Eye and I: Bookperformance

Date:                  23th May 2015

Space :              C32 / Forte Marghera, Venice/IT

Time   :              13.00 - 20.11 (7 hours 11 minutes)

Process:           Book, performer, bookperformance 

Photos:             Monika Sobczak

Video:               Johannes Deimling 

Audience:         Around the book/pages created on the floor,  as is seen.

Languages:      Turkish, English, Italian. 

Book:               MyFace Book: “You are my writer, don’t get sad. Your book is nice, nicer even than you, the mad. Even if they haven’t found me, I am still alive, you see, I am not yet dead. They will find you somewhere, someday. I will become a book that day. You / I / It will become a performance someway. The book will become the twin-self of the performance, so to say. It will become bookperformance, let’s smile and resay. We will safely sound in the same body eventually, with no delay. I will become something like an actional situation, as you will performatively explain its theory as well someday.” p. 398


                                      Sound & Body of Eye & I: Bookperformance from Bookperformance / Cigdem y Mirol on Vimeo.

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Here are some ReaderAuthor Notes that reached through facebook:  

"E'stato molto toccante! Loved watching the genuine poet who was emerging on the black and white pages. Disegnare con le parole scritte et parole parlate. Tale bella performance. Cigdem! It was a pleasure to meet you and your art!" Emmanuele, 25.05.2015 

"Cigdem! I must say that the whole performance was Cigdem herself. When I noticed this I realized how much you were emphasising your tendency about 'catching the truth' during one week of studies. Now I am also getting closer to your idea about transparency. Hope to work on it together!.." Katrin, 30.05.2015

"Just GREAT!" Davido, 24.05.2015

by Cigdem y Mirol - 23 May 2015
Tags: Cigdem y Mirol, bookperformance, kitapperformans, myface book, performance arts
Tristen Lund - 06 Dec 2015 21:45
It is very touching to see this way of handling "the book". Hope to join one performance of you.