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As BookPerformance is equally an AuthorReader Performance and a ReaderAuthor Performance which all together constitute the being that is called "bookperformance", then Yüzüm Kitap is also the first ReaderAuthor Performance, for the author of it created it with all the readership that she had ever had by then (by 2012, July the 26th) about obviously Facebook that is parodied and some other literature and art that cosititued her readership and helped her authorship. 

And eventually MyFace Book (3rd March 2014), which was transparented from Turkish into English is a ReaderAuthor Performance that has not only the readership of Cigdem y Mirol, Ozge Wambach and Thomas Alkins but also the life experience of Yüzüm Kitap in it.

This revealation explains why Cigdem y Mirol, the author of "bookperformance", always introduces herself as "a reader" before everything. 

by Cigdem y Mirol, Ozge Wambach, Thomas Alkins - 03 Mar 2014
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