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Body & Sound of I & Eye: Bookperformance #3

Title:                 Body & Sound of I & Eye: Bookperformance

Date:                26th November 2015

Space :            Munt Punt, Brussels/BE

Time   :            15.30-16.03 (33 minutes)

Process:          Bookperformance 

Photos:            Randomly taken by some readers.

Video:               Soon will be available

Audience:        Placed mostly upstairs for the better view of the performance.

Languages:     Turkish, English, French, Dutch. 

Book:             MyFace Book: “You are my writer, don’t get sad. Your book is nice, nicer even than you, the mad. Even if they haven’t found me, I am still alive, you see, I am not yet dead. They will find you somewhere, someday. I will become a book that day. You / I / It will become a performance someway. The book will become the twin-self of the performance, so to say. It will become bookperformance, let’s smile and resay. We will safely sound in the same body eventually, with no delay. I will become something like an actional situation, as you will performatively explain its theory as well someday.” p. 398



Body and Sound of I and Eye II from Bookperformance / Cigdem y Mirol on Vimeo.


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"Sound & Body OF Eye & I : bookperformance"


Body SOUNDS Rock Strangers: bookperformance (in progress)


by Cigdem y Mirol - 26 Nov 2015
Tags: Cigdem y Mirol, Bookperformance, MyFace Book, Yüzüm Kitap, Munt Punt, Brussels, Kitapperformans
zoe - 27 Nov 2015 23:31
très intéressant!
Lukas - 06 Dec 2015 18:59
I was there! :))
tanja - 17 Dec 2015 23:09
Derya - 18 Dec 2015 16:54
ilk kez Yüzüm Kitap ile karşılaşmıştım seninle. YazarOkur performanstaydık. Daha da zenginleşmiş projen. Tebrik ederim. Çok sevgiler :)