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Narrative Therapy

What is referred here is the "narrative therapy" Cigdem y Mirol has been studying for some time now. It is both a personal and an institutionalised (certificated) study. She started giving "narrative therapy" sessions, in January 2015, and she applies her world view "bookperformance" in this field as well.

The sessions are announced and invoiced via Smart. For now, Mirol's sessions are only available in Turkish and English. 

The sessions are especially addressing artists and/or those who need to express themselves through a creative act.

For those who are not acquainted with "narrative therapy", it is essential to bear in mind that the word "therapy" here is not referring to medical treatment, but it is referring to "healing social and individual qualities". Here, it takes at least two people and one sincere collaboration in which Cigdem y Mirol shares her knowledge and experience with "the person in the narrative therapy session", in order to bring out a certain level of perspective in him/her to any kind of event or situation that may be obstructing the person's life, creative endevours and relationships. 

If one goes through the Bookperformance Manifesto, they would find the inspirational sources for Cigdem y Mirol's work in this occupational field. And, the Shall we reinvent love? letter could be regarded as an initiative for such a process.

*More information will soon be available here.  For now, for related demands please contact.