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In An Archetypal Journal, In Form of A Narcissistic Book

Cigdem y Mirol's MA dissertation, entitled, 'In An Archetypal Journey, In Form Of A Narcissistic Book' reflects an act of creative and academic thinking on how and why the book is/could be a being.

The focus, actually the stimulus, of Mirol's act of thinking here was Orhan Pamuk’s only 'nouvelle': The White Castle.  In this study, she argues that the "implied author" of the book, by engaging in narcissistic narratives, stimulates diverse creative readings. So, the "implied reader(s)" of the book may gain authority to both deconstruct and then reconstruct the book, and eventually, to take part in rewriting its story.

Through Mirol's act of creative reading, for instance, love is reinvented as a textual affair between 'the author' and 'the reader' in The White Castle

Mirol did not leave this reinvention of love in her MA thesis, but brought out of it and applied back to her own creative writing, to its source. And, there, the author has transformed into the "beloved author" and the reader into "beloved reader". The "Shall we reinvent love?" letter that opens Mirol's first bookperformance MyFace Book is a pure declaration of this love between the textual beloveds. 

The best of all possible worlds for such a love is also manifested by Mirol in her creative writing and artistic expressions as "Bookperformance", which has eventually turned into the foundation for her PhD as a practical theory as well. Bookperformance Manifesto's 7th item is focusing on this matter of love: 

7- Love, here and now, between the reader and the author, is not a fac­tual but a tex­tual mat­ter. This love mixes the act of read­ing with the act of writ­ing. In this love, the spaces are filled in with imag­in­ings. In this love, the nega­tions are hid­den. It is an impossible possibility to deduce a fixed meaning (!) from this love. This love may be acted out in various ways. Such diver­sity will ren­der the author authentic and the reader individualistic.


* Mirol wrote her MA in Turkish. Some parts from it will be available in English, here, soon.