Çiğdem y Mirol

Çiğdem (1983, Ankara/TR) is the mindful middle child of a five-children family.  Once she was a small child, now she is a fairly bigger and older one. She lived in her “mother land” (Turkey) for 25 years and then moved to her “other land” (Belgium) for private, professional as well as political reasons. 

She has always been interested particularly in reading and writing, drawing as well as thinking about the act of creating in general. Thus she ended up creating her own field in the artistic world. She studied literature as BA, MA and PhD; thus thanks to her interest in writing and reading she became an academic in this field. She does apply all her knowledge into her professional working fields as well. 

After writing in many literary genres and even after writing about the matter of these genres at a newspaper supplement (BirGun Kitap) on books, languages, nations, cultures and diversity, and having thought about what she was writing as much as how she was writing it, she ended up writing her MA thesis on how a book is/could be a being and upon this she founded her own expression of writing, that which she herself named “bookperformance”. 

Then, she revealed “bookperformance” with its own manifesto that shows that it is not only a self-expression within the artistic sphere but also it is a world view that has its own political and philosophical, public and private, practical and theoretical background where Çiğdem is seeking for a fresh look to LOVE that is the embracing ground for the peace and harmonious unity for the better sake of all.

Her journalist background and her academic research helped her first form the “bookperformance” and then inform others about what it is and what it could be. 

You may discover what “bookperformance” is, how many states it does have, and what it could be when you click on it whenever it catches your sight on this website.  And you may well catch Çiğdem and her “bookperformance” that happens to be an AuthorReader Performance with/in public. You may discover how the “bookperformance” could inspire other readers to write, to visualize, to sound, to interpret and even to transparent it by discovering how it turns out to be a ReaderAuthor Performance.

Her first BookPerformance is MyFace Book, there you may discover how and why she ended up inventing “bookperformance”; how and why the book (as a being) wanted to have its own performance in its own discourse, for the first time in the history of literature, and how it wanted to live in the hands of a writer that wanted to, and in the end, was destined to be an author as much as itself was destined to be a performance by seeking a social life through its author and reader(s).

Çiğdem has been teaching languages for more than ten years, and recently she has started giving workshops on creative writing, thinking, reading through her “bookperformance” concept.

She also has been doing translations for a long time. And with “bookperformance” and its transcendental nature she came up with the act of “transparenting”, which requires the mindset of the author to be reflected in the native dynamics of an alternative language, it definitely requires the authentification of the author on every single word of hers in the alter-native language to her words, and thus requires an alter-native person who could/would happily transparent the words of the author. Therefore “the transparent” becomes part of the “bookperformance”, but all this “transparency” require the will and right intentions of the person who could/would do it.

Then last but not least, Çiğdem -who is waiting for the day she would become a psychotherapist out of distant learning- has been studying Narrative Therapy and has started applying her knowledge to her own narrative therapy sessions again through her “bookperformance” practice and theory. Here, she provides a social and insightful approach for people who need to tell, create and recreate in order to “re-leave”, in order to obtain relief for, their restless conditions by discovering and applying their creative powers and qualities.

All in all, Cigdem expresses herself as follows: “I am a reader before everything, and I am happening to be a writer who is destined to be an author who feels lucky to have got the inspiration and love in herself to create the ‘bookperformance’ indeed”.