“Transparency” basically substitutes “translation” in "bookperformance" but surely is beyond it. It is a special kind of turning one text in one language into another text in another language with a specific way of participation and authentication of the author in the transparent’s (substitutes for “translator” but surely is beyond it) working process of the “bookperformance”. Then this reflects on his/her re- reading and re-creating the same “bookperformance” in the alter-native language through which he/she becomes the part of the “bookperformance” primarily textually and later actually (as long as he/she wants).

*More information soon.

*Witnessisng of bookperformane trans-parents may be found here soon. 

*The list of the co-transparents of MyFace Book Performance

-from Turkish into English: Ozge Wambach, Thomas Alkins.

-from Turkish and English into French: Camille Pier, Stephane Dumortier

-from Turkish and English into German: Katrin Rux

-from English and French into Dutch: Petrovitsj Mys

-from English & French and Turkish into Spanish: Ronan Le Lostecque


* If you want to join the Bookperformance through an act of transparency, please contact.