As an academic, Cigdem y Mirol's act of thinking brought her to the "Bookperformance" that she defines as a practical theory.

2015 on: Preparing  "Bookperformance: Transparent Desire in Wor(l)d"

2015: PhD in Authorship as Performance, at Gent University / BE.

2011 on: Papers / Lectures on "Bookperformance" at International Conferences / Universities.

2011 on: Writing the philosophy of The Weird &The Absurd that is the ideal background of "bookperformance".

2011: MA refined theoretical outcome: The formulation of her world view: Bookperformance Manifesto.

2011: MA released: In An Archetypal Journal, In Form of A Narcissistic Book: The White Castle.

2011: MA in Turkish Literature, at Bilkent University, Ankara / TR.

2005 on: Independent theoretical and practical reasearch on Readership, Act of Reading and Act of Writing. 

2005: Graduated from American Culture and Literature, BA at Bilkent University, Ankara / TR.

2001 on: Institutionalized and/or private studies on American, English, Turkish and French literature and theatre.