Body & Sound of I & Eye (U): Bookperformance

“...sounds rely on papers...waves flow on papers...letters run on papers… is not the page but the book…yet the page in the book that calls us...rise...rise...rise...”

MyFace Bookperformance, p.119

In the series of “Body & Sound of Eye & I : Bookperformance”, Çiğdem tells how a notebook becomes a book while how a reader becomes a writer, which is the performance itself. Readers / Audience is welcome to join the performance, which is a very nature of Çiğdem’s “bookperformance”.

This specific bookperformance (that happened in the context of Mestizo Arts Festival and Wipcoop  Sessions) focuses on the dynamics from the daydreams of a writer, to the voices a writer hears in the head and wants to catch, from the runnig letters on a page to the struggles of catching them and writing the “right” words and giving the “desired” meanings to those words on a page.

For that, Çiğdem employs the body and the sound of a textual self that transforms itself into the sound and body of an actual self through visual and musical dynamics. The special challange she took in this bookperformance is to be able to express the act, struggle, joy and sharing of writing just in 30 minutes with all the mentioned dynamics. In that challange, special thanks to the projected film reflecting the day-dreams of a writer that is becoming an author.

In the film shooting of which was a whole performance itself by opposing the preparation and any kind of theatricality, Çiğdem is performing her inner world that is caught / shot by © Eléonore Coyette,, on the roof of the house where Çiğdem lives and creates almost all the time.

Languages that contributed to the happening of this bookperformance: Turkish, English and Dutch.

TEASER © Eléonore Coyette, 2021