Letters & Notes & Rests: Bookperformance

"Oh almost forgot, they said,
hear all the sounds and listen to them
and sleep in all the silences and get a good rest from them".

MyFace Bookperformance, p.118


In the series of “Letters & Notes & Rests: Bookperformance ”, Çiğdem expresses how a word is composed and transfer the “desired” meaning thanks to the letters, notes and rests.  

It is a time and space for such an expression in company of especially sounds of jazz that are inspiring source for Çiğdem’s books and performances.

She employs any sound of any word in any language while composing pieces for such bookperformances that happen to be open to improvisation.

Differently from other venues that welcome bookperformance in letters, notes and rests, Blue Flamingo Jazz Festival, which Çiğdem has taken up presenting, is a time and space not only to do bookperformance but also conversations on sounds and silence with musicians and audience. Check out the dates of the editions and join the sounds!