Body & Sound of I & Eye (U): Bookperformance

“The book, here and now, with its author and reader, either uttered or silent, is a performance. Bookperformance is a naked, fixed and textual body. If movement is impossible for a fixed body, to turn the impossible into the possible, it is necessary to attempt the weird and the absurd. In order to successfully attempt the weird and the absurd, you must possess not only a considerable intelligence but also an extraordinary courage for realizing and accepting the significant power of the weird and the absurd. To be able to do all these it is necessary to be a good reader”.  Bookperformance Manifesto, principle 1/7

Event: Body & Sound of I & Eye: Bookperformance. 
Context: White Night Festival. 
Venue:  Dirty Deal Theatre, Riga.
Dates: 9, 10 September 2017.
Duration: 7 consecutive hours.
Languages: Turkish, Latvian, English. 
Text: Pieces from MyFace Book, Çiğdem y Mirol
Text Transparency into Latvian:  Çiğdem y Mirol & Janis Balodis, writer
Text Transparency into English: Çiğdem y Mirol & Özge Wambach, translator & Thomas Alkins, translator
Curated by: Çiğdem y Mirol
Created by: Çiğdem y Mirol, and the inspired audience / readers.
Projected Film: Daydream Film (showing Çiğdem y Mirol)shot by Thierry Baumgarten at Lac d’Annecy.
Photographs by: Aivars Ivbulus

Outcome: All the created artwork was ephemere. 
Outcome: The festival broadcasting a collective digital exhibition including this Bookperformance event as well. 

Body & Sound of I & Eye(U): Bookperformance events showcase how a book (as an object) becomes a book in its physicality. Readers / Audience are welcome to join the performance, which is a very nature of Bookperformance that is based on co-creation. Each Bookperformance event is unique in its nature, thus most of the happening is unexpected both for Çiğdem y Mirol and the others. 

Each constructing and deconstructing scene took 1 hour: 
1. Dream in mind-time
2. Dream in sky-line
3. Dream in pen-cil
4. Dream on page-stage
5. Dream in tree-house
6. Dream in wor-L-d 7.
7. Dream in Uni-verse

Read about it: 
Bookperformance is a Construction Site

Above is the slide show to the photograhic documentation. 
Below is the image to the daydreams.
Please visit instagram for detailed audio-visual documentation: @bookperformance