Body & Sound of I & Eye (U): Bookperformance

© Victoriano Moreno, 2021
Cy Mirol is a writer, performance artist and painter. She writes in words, in movements and in drawings/paintings.
« Body & Sound of I & Eye » is a long durational bookperformance event, in which Mirol transforms the space by constructing it into a book.

Papers, pencils, daydreams, paints, colours, words, sounds and movements are some of her tools which hold hands with the audience/readers to create this book within its own performance of becoming a book.

Reader-ship and Author-ship are the « here & now » in this specific bookperformance that meaninfully takes space on a ship.

You are welcome to join and create this unique book and performance on the stage, within the dynamics of this real and methaphorical ship hosting creativity in all forms in Berlin : Hošek Contemporary

6th September 2022
7pm – 8pm

Teaser below is created by Eléonore Coyette. It is a little window to the daydreams of Cy Mirol who writers, paints, performs all she sees, hears and feels.