Body & I of Sound & Eye: Bookperformance

Cy Mirol is a writer, performance artist and painter. She writes in words, in movements and in drawings/paintings.
« Body & Sound of I & Eye » is a long durational bookperformance event, in which Mirol transforms the space by constructing it into a book.

Papers, pencils, daydreams, paints, colours, words, sounds and movements are some of her tools which hold hands with the audience/readers to create this book within its own performance of becoming a book.

Reader-ship and Author-ship are the « here & now » in this specific bookperformance that meaninfully takes space on a ship.

You are welcome to join and create this unique book and performance on the stage, within the dynamics of this real and methaphorical ship hosting creativity in all forms : Hošek Contemporary

6th September 2022
7pm – 10pm